Terms and Conditions


1.1. PastPaperHero, hereinafter referred to as "PastPaperHero," "we," "our," or "the Company," is a company duly registered in the United Kingdom. The Company operates under the trading name "PastPaperHero" and is a subsidiary of a holding company (Company Registration Number: 13127789).

1.2. We are the proprietors of the website pastpaperhero.com and its associated domains, including but not limited to pastpaperhero.co.uk, herein collectively referred to as "the Platform." These terms encompass our responsibilities for the operation, management, and administration of the Platform, as well as the content contained therein, which includes the provision of content and ancillary services to individuals referred to as "members" (as defined in clause 5 below).

1.3. For any inquiries or communication with PastPaperHero, please direct your correspondence to our dedicated customer support team via the Platform's email contact option.

Terms of Service

2.1. Prior to engaging in, accessing, or utilizing any of the Services, we urge you to thoroughly review these terms of service ("the Terms of Service"). These Terms of Service are applicable to all the Services provided by PastPaperHero. By utilizing the Services, you affirm that you have carefully read and understood the Terms of Service, and you agree that these Terms of Service constitute a legally binding agreement between yourself ("you") and PastPaperHero. If you do not consent to the Terms of Service, you are not authorized to utilize the Services.

2.2. We also recommend that you review our privacy policy ("the Privacy Policy"), which can be accessed here: Privacy Policy. By utilizing the Services, you acknowledge that you have reviewed the Privacy Policy and accept its provisions. If you disagree with the Privacy Policy, you are prohibited from utilizing the Services.

2.3. We draw your specific attention to clauses 4.1 through 4.8 (warnings concerning the extent of the Services).

2.4. These Terms of Service and any disputes arising from or in connection with these Terms of Service are governed by the laws of the United Kingdom and thus are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the United Kingdom.

Age Restriction

3.1. If you are under 13:

3.1.1. Please do not use the Services; and

3.1.2. Please do not attempt to register for membership (see clause 5 below) or send any information about yourself to the Company, including your name, address, telephone number, or email address.

3.2. If it comes to our attention that we have unknowingly gathered information from a person under the age of 13, we will delete that information immediately.

Scope of Services

4.1. The Services, including the content of the Site, are intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. The Services are not intended to, and do not, constitute legal, professional, medical, psychological, therapeutic, or healthcare advice or diagnosis or counseling and may not be used for such purposes.

4.2. PastPaperHero does not represent or warrant or otherwise agree that the Services will be uninterrupted, error-free, reliable, or timely, that defects will be corrected, or that the Services or any relevant server are free of viruses or other harmful components.

4.3. PastPaperHero does not guarantee that files available for viewing through the Site will be free of contaminating or damaging code such as viruses, trapdoors, and the like.

4.4. PastPaperHero does not endorse content, nor warrant the accuracy, completeness, correctness, timeliness, or usefulness of any opinions, advice, content, services, or merchandise provided through the Site or on the internet generally.

4.5. PastPaperHero does not make or provide any guarantee, representation, warranty, or any other agreement of any kind, whether express or implied, whether written or oral, that the information and/or any services provided on or through the Site are valid, accurate, correct, complete, exhaustive of any given subject matter, or fit for any particular purpose. It is extremely important that you check the information provided and requirements published by any relevant exam board(s) and school to ensure the accuracy, validity, completeness, exhaustiveness, and fitness for any particular purpose of the information appearing on or any services provided through the Site. You rely on all and any such content and/or services strictly at your own risk.

4.6. Any answers or solutions provided on the Site (including model answers or videos) constitute PastPaperHero's interpretation of an answer and/or solution to a given question. However, those answers and/or solutions are not and are not held out as being the correct or definitive answer to that question. There may be scope for a range of other answers or solutions to that question.

4.7. PastPaperHero is not liable or responsible in any way if you (or your students or child/children where relevant) incorrectly answer a question in an assignment, exam, or any form of formal testing administered by a school or exam board by using a method or procedure featured on the Site, including methods or procedures that do not correspond to the methods or procedures taught at the relevant student’s school (or equivalent educational facility).

4.8. PastPaperHero does not in any way guarantee any outcome in formal or informal academic testing.

Usage Restrictions

4.9. In utilizing the Platform and the Services, you agree not to:

4.9.1. Alter, download, replicate, or redistribute any material from the Platform or any service provided by PastPaperHero.

4.9.2. Use the Platform or its content for commercial purposes.

4.9.3. Circumvent any security measures or access restrictions in place.

4.9.4. Disrupt or cause harm to the operation of the Platform, including uploading harmful digital code.

4.9.5. Employ automated methods such as bots or scrapers to gather data or interact with the Platform.

4.9.6. Reverse engineer or attempt to decode the underlying structure or code of the Platform or any related service, unless expressly allowed by law.

4.9.7. Engage in illegal use or activities that could impair the Platform.

4.9.8. Harvest contact information for unsolicited communication or third-party benefit.

4.9.9. Modify or create derivative works based on the Platform's content.

4.9.10. Distribute defamatory, harmful, or inappropriate content.

4.9.11. Impersonate others or misuse member accounts.

4.9.12. Log into the Platform on multiple devices simultaneously.

4.9.13. Remove or conceal copyright or proprietary notices.

4.9.14. Send unsolicited advertisements or spam.

4.9.15. Publicly disclose any private or sensitive third-party information.

4.9.16. Solicit personal data from minors or for unlawful purposes.

4.9.17. Distribute content that contains harmful software or disrupts technological infrastructure.

4.9.18. Post content that could lead to legal liability or violates laws.

4.9.19. Share content that impedes other users' enjoyment of the Platform or exposes PastPaperHero to harm or legal liability.


5.1. Certain portions of content on the Platform are accessible without the need for membership.

5.2. For additional content, registration as a member (“Member”) on the Platform and purchase of a membership (“Membership”) is required. PastPaperHero grants Members the right to access specific content based on their Membership terms.

5.3. Registration necessitates providing certain details, including your full name and email address.

5.4. It's imperative that the information you furnish is accurate and up-to-date. If there are changes to your initial registration details, it's your responsibility to update them. Inaccurate or incomplete information may result in termination of your Membership and denial of access to the Platform.

5.5. Choose a secure password combining letters (upper and lower case), numbers, and symbols. Unique passwords are recommended. Maintain confidentiality of your login details and log out after each session to prevent unauthorized access. Report any unauthorized access to your account immediately.

5.6. Upon successful registration, a confirmation email will be sent. Members will have an account management page detailing their Membership(s) and account settings.

5.7. Each Member’s account is limited to single-device access at a time. Members are not permitted to share login details. If you are logged out, ensure that your account is not active on another device or shared.


5.8. To access specific features within the Members' area of PastPaperHero, a Membership with a recurring payment plan, known as "Subscription(s)," must be purchased.

5.9. PastPaperHero reserves the right to modify the fees, structure, or timing of any charges for the Services at any time.

5.10. Subscription fees are billed in advance on a regular, recurring basis, known as a “Billing Cycle.” The frequency of Billing Cycles depends on the selected subscription plan and may be monthly, quarterly, yearly, or biennially.

5.11. Subscriptions automatically renew at the end of each Billing Cycle, unless cancelled by you or by PastPaperHero. You can cancel your Subscription through your account management page or by contacting customer support.

5.12. Valid payment methods such as credit or debit cards are required for Subscription payments. You must provide complete and accurate billing information and authorize PastPaperHero to charge all Subscription fees to your payment method.

Termination and Suspension

5.13. PastPaperHero reserves the right to immediately terminate or suspend your access to the Services without notice, for any reason, particularly in cases such as:

5.13.1. Non-receipt of payment.

5.13.2. Suspected account sharing with others, as monitored by usage patterns.

5.13.3. Logging into the Platform on more than five devices within a 30-day period.

5.13.4. Breach of any Terms of Service.

5.13.5. Inability to verify provided information's accuracy or validity.

5.13.6. Suspicion of fraudulent, abusive, or illegal activities by the user.

5.14. Decisions for termination or suspension may be based on PastPaperHero's discretion, opinions, or suspicions, without the need for substantiation.

5.15. PastPaperHero may terminate any granted license or permission if user conduct is deemed inappropriate.

5.16. Membership cancellation is allowed at any time; however, PastPaperHero does not provide refunds for any payments.

Third Parties

6.1. PastPaperHero is not affiliated with nor acts as an agent for any third party, including those named or linked on the Platform, and holds no authority over such third parties.

6.2. PastPaperHero has no control, endorsement, responsibility, or liability regarding any content, products, advertising, or resources provided by third parties.

6.3. By accepting these Terms of Service, you acknowledge that PastPaperHero (including its officers, directors, and employees) is not liable for any disputes you may have with third parties.

6.4. PastPaperHero operates independently and is not associated with any exam boards mentioned on the Platform. No formal partnership, endorsement, or control exists between PastPaperHero and these exam boards. Reliance on the Services, including site content, is solely at your own risk.


7.1. Acknowledging these Terms of Service means you understand that all content and information on the Platform, including advertisements and materials presented by PastPaperHero, is protected by relevant copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents, or other proprietary rights and laws.

7.2. Without explicit authorization from PastPaperHero, you agree not to reproduce, modify, or exploit any content on the Platform for any purpose.

7.3. PastPaperHero retains all rights to the content on the Platform not expressly granted in the Terms of Service.

Limitation of Liabilities

8.1. PastPaperHero, along with its affiliates and representatives, disclaims all liability for losses and expenses arising from the Services, including indirect or consequential damages, to the fullest extent permitted by law. This applies regardless of the basis of liability.

8.2. The limitations in clause 8.1 are crucial to the agreement between you and PastPaperHero and are a precondition for providing the Services.

8.3. Our liability to you or any third parties will not exceed the total amount paid to PastPaperHero in the 12 months preceding the liability event.

8.4. Any legal claim related to the Services must be initiated within 6 months of the cause of action, barring which it is permanently barred.

Amendment of the Terms of Service

9.1. PastPaperHero reserves the right to modify these Terms of Service at any time.

9.2. Changes to the Terms of Service will be effective from the date of posting on the Platform.

9.3. Discontinuation of use is required if you do not agree to the modified Terms of Service or Privacy Policy.

Site Maintenance and Alteration

10.1. PastPaperHero may need to modify or suspend the Platform or Services, especially in case of technical issues, with an aim to provide reasonable notice.

10.2. PastPaperHero holds the right to change or remove content at any time, with or without notice.


You agree to indemnify PastPaperHero and its affiliates against losses arising from your violation of the Terms of Service or any misuse of the Platform.


Refunds are not offered for purchases. Free samples are provided to aid in your purchase decision.